Small Gas Grills

Small Gas Grills are a really fun and easy way to cook your food.  Affordable, stylish and healthy too, a great investment all round.

cuisinart small gas grill

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  • We really love this little gas grill, it is so versatile. It is a very competitive price, and we found it at a great discount
  • The sides fold so you can carry it really easily.
  • It has an automatic lighter so you are not fissing around with matches or lighters
  • It is made by a sound reputable world wide manufacturer with great customer service and a solid guarantee.
  • You could even use this grill on a window sill, but at the same time pick it up and bring it to the park.  You can easily feed a hungry family.

There are many different types of outdoor small outdoor gas grills available on the market.  They come in every shape, size and price range.  It can get confusing sometimes. But if you have a good understanding of what each type does then you can decide which of all the small gas grills is perfect for you, your family and your outdoor entertaining needs.


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  • Has a great cast iron cooking surface for one of the ‘mini gas grills’
  • You can easily get 12 burgers on this small propane grill
  • The deep lid means you can fit a small turkey in there
  • Has electronic ignition (really handy)
  • Made by Weber who do make some of the best appliances in the world and keep them stylish

All these propane grills use normal easy to buy propane gas that you can buy in bottles and attach to your grill.  These are the most common.  You may need to look at getting an adapter if you want to use bottle sizes that aren’t in the spec so do check this out.

Portable Small Gas Grills.

Many of these little gas grills featured here are  great fun for bringing out and about with you. Great for camping, or just day trips, where you can stop and grill up a lovely healthy meal in no time.  They are suitable for the beach, park, or just at a friend’s house, if they need extra grilling space. But you must remember to measure the space that you have in your auto, to make sure that any grill you do buy will fit into it or it won’t be very portable!

Another top Favorite of the Not so small gas grills is the Coleman Road trip grill. This is the next step up but oh so worth it.


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  • Loving this grill, and it’s only slightly bigger than the smaller ones.  Collapses down easily and compactly.
  • 2 burners so you get a griddle (great for eggs) and a grill
  • Specifically designed for the outdoors so well protected against rust and the outdoor elements
  • You can take off the legs and put it sitting on a table
  • It looks very good at a ball game!!! You need to wear a baseball cap to look really cool.

The Patio Caddie Small Grill has to be one of the best small gas grills in terms of size and performance. It is amazing to look at and can fit into some very tight spaces. Perfect for cooking up a storm on even a window sill, but ideally suited to your patio, courtyard garden and small yard. It helps that it looks so great too.

Smoker Grill
A smoker does what it says on the tin.  They are a great way of simulating that real smoked taste.  You can get some great smoking woods and chips with different flavours to use with your smoker.

Electric Grill.

Once again a simple concept, the electric grill plugs into and feeds from your mains electricity supply or an outdoor generator. The advantage is that you never run out of fuel (unless in a power outage), but the disadvantage is that you will have leads coming from your grill, which need to be placed where nobody can trip over them.

Propane Fire Pit Grill.

A basic fire pit grill is where you put a grill over the fire and cook your food like that.

You need a good fire and a robust grill.  If you are not too enthusiastic about building up and maintaining a healthy fire before you can start grilling, then this is not for you.  However if you love building and making outdoor fires to sit around then this is the perfect way to add to that enjoyment and experience, and make use of all that heat.

There are some extremely stylish small gas grill can be natural gas, propane or even electric. You can design it around your outdoor kitchen.

What else to look for in a small grill?

Shelves and Warming Rack. Many small gas grills have either one or both of these. Shelves are great for chopping and preparing your food by the small grill, leaving your plates on and also remember those sauces that you will need to hand as you are basting.

A warming rack is good for keeping your plates warm; heating up your rolls or bread, or just for keeping the food that is already cooked warm.

Rotisseries are great for cooking whole chickens and joints on. But if you do not see yourself doing this then you can go without this feature. This can also keep the price downs. Remember that although they look good if you are not going to use it, it is pointless, and it may be too much for a small gas grill.

Side burners. A grill with a side burner allows you to cook other dishes while your meat or fish is on the grill.  An example would be cooking rice or vegetables. Whilst a nice to have, these too can add expense and if you will be mainly cooking in your yard, patio or garden then your kitchen will be close at hand, so use it for these dishes.

Some companies offer to assemble  your small gas grill free of charge.  Remember that you will then have to bring the grill home fully assembled, so make sure you can fit it in your car if you decide to go for this option.

Grates. The grate or grates should have closely spaced thick wide rods. This will stop smaller pieces of food falling through.

Variable temperature settings on small gas grills will allow you to sear food at high temperature when required and cook more gently when seared and sealed.

Porcelain-coated cast iron bars or stainless steel grates are better for distributing your grilling heat more evenly across the small gas grill.  This means that even the food that is not directly over the flame will get cooked properly.

Weber and Coleman produce some of the world’s finest small gas grills. Be sure and consider them along with Ducane.

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